Visitor data management software for events



Software applications for visitor traffic management. The complete solution for successful trade shows, from major international events to local trade fairs: capture leads, personalize your exchanges, track your results.

Leads in your CRM instantly
Automatic lead capture

Never miss a lead opportunity. Thanks to our integration, data captured via KAYO is automatically synchronized with your CRM account. You can say goodbye to tedious manual data entry and concentrate on converting leads into customers.

Advanced data personalization

KAYO’s integration with your CRM gives you total control over the data you choose to synchronize. Easily customize information fields to ensure that your business-critical data is processed optimally.

Follow your leads after the show
Complete lead tracking

Visualize each lead’s complete journey from first interaction to conversion. Gain in-depth insights into lead behavior and adapt your strategies accordingly.

Document tracking

When sharing documents with a visitor, you can find out from your CRM which pages are viewed most frequently, or how long it takes to play a video. If your prospect spends a long time on content related to your prices, he may be ready to buy!

Intelligent task automation

Save time by automating repetitive tasks. KAYO’s integration with your CRM allows you to automate the sending of post-show emails, the assignment of tasks to the sales rep designated in the KAYO app and much more.