adEXPO has a design office, a manufacturing workshop with digital machines (machining center) and a large-format printer. We specialize in stand design, manufacture and installation.
We work for both agencies and end-customers. In the workshop, we prepare and store stands. The manufacture and pre-assembly of elements are part of our daily work, such as counters, showcases, claustras, signs and customized displays. On site, the assembly team is experienced. They know all the different national and international exhibition sites. They’re quick to react, and work hard to ensure that your event is a success, with a stand that’s ready in time for you, the exhibitor, to set up.

We are looking for :
Carpenter :

His qualities include skill, versatility, precision and attention to detail. As a professional woodworker, you’ll be able to carry out customized work that requires a certain rigor and precision. Autonomy required


Must be skilled and meticulous to work with precision. Logical thinking is also essential. Autonomy required

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