The organiser's partitions are delivered without any retreat from the
The General Manager's Office will check all stand installations and will
To respect the adjoining stand and for a better visibility during the
reject those that do not conform to the exhibition regulations.
exhibition, all closed construction (offices, restaurant, VIP area etc...)
It is Mandatory to send your stand project plan (with horizontal and
must be placed at the middle of the stand.
vertical dimensions) before the 18/02/2014
The installed element on the aisles' edges must not hide more than
40% of any side length (partitions, signs, decoration or vehicle structure
and voluminous equipment.
when the exhibitor signs his/her admission request, s/he agrees to
abide by all clauses contained in the "General Regulations" and
"Exhibition Regulations" and to ensure that all decorators and
6. Sign/Light brackets
contractors abide by them. The general regulations laid down by the
"Fédération Française des salons spécialisés" (French Federation for
Any sign must be hang up or united of the structure by a light armature
specialist exhibitions) may be obtained on request from: GL events
and must respect 5 meters maximum from the floor. Please, ask us for
Exibitions - Fax: +33 (0)5 53 36 78 79, please indicate the concerning
the stand down of the ring road.
7. Lighting
1 - Hall floors, pillars and walls
The lighting's harrows are accepted (without any signage element)
It is strictly forbidden to drill, screw, nail or embed in the walls,
hanging up or independent above the stand structure, and must
partitions, pillars and floors of the halls; attaching machines to be
respect a maximum height of 5m from the floor. The lighting's harrows
exhibited to these elements is also forbidden. A fixed sum of 450
must respect a retreat (see paragraph "restricted area").
/excl. tax per hole will be charge to the exhibitor for noncompliance
with these regulations. Exhibitors must not paint or mark on the walls,
8. Hanging of frameworks
pillars and floors of the halls.
This work may be carried out only by the Exhibition park Services.
Maximum weight allowance on the floor:
ˇ Normal convoy: 13 tons per axle
ˇ Overweight: 5 Tons per sqm
9. Use of gas containers
ˇ Punching: 6,5 Tons for a 10 x 10 cm area
The number of gas containers must be kept to a minimum. Their on-
Your stand area must be restored to its original condition. Any rubbish
stand storage is strictly forbidden. Their connection and fixing to the
(carpet, adhesive, etc.) must be removed. Any damage reported
machine is obligatory. The use of empty or fake bottles is to be
during disassembly of the stand will be invoiced to the exhibitor
preferred whenever possible. Empty or fake bottles must be identified
responsible. The exhibitor personally responsible for his/her suppliers:
and marked by the exhibitor.
decorators, installers, contractors, etc.
10. Leaflets
2. Setting-up of stands and presentation of exhibits
It is strictly prohibited to distribute leaflets, flyers or any other such
material outside the stands or in the areas around the halls (reception
Exhibits on display must not disturb or damage neighbouring stands. gallery, car parks and square).
No exhibit may exceed the surface area of the stand.
11. Working equipment
3. Acoustic animation
See Form to make your declaration. All equipment displayed in working
All exhibitors wishing to use acoustic animation on their stand must do order during the exhibition must be declared to the Organizer (form to
so in accordance with the following regulation:
be returned to Cabinet RAILLARD - 41, rue Frédéric PASSY - 92200
The maximum sound level must not exceed 80 dB(A) - in a 2,50 meter NEULLY SUR SEINE - France - Tel: +33 (0)1 47 22 72 18
area surrounding each stand.
Exhibitors accept full responsibility for all presentations and
demonstrations made by them, under penalty of being inactivated.
4. Electrical fittings on stands
Nevertheless, only machines and equipment certified by the Safety
For obvious reasons of safety, it is strictly forbidden to use the Commission as being in accordance with the regulations will be
Exhibition Park's private installations (hall raceways, water gutters, etc.) authorized to be displayed in working order.
as a passageway for the stands' electrical cables.
12. Equipment in motion
Whenever equipment is presented in motion, a protected area should
be reserved for these operations so that there will always be a
5. Height of construction - Restricted area
minimum distance of 1 meter between the equipment and visitors; this
No decoration, furniture, sign, lights must be exceed the stand limits. minimum distance may be increased according to the characteristics of
Stand with floor are not authorized.
the equipment on display. These regulations will be valid for all stands,
including stands located outdoors.
For any decoration element or sign and/or any hanging sign, or on a
structure superior at 2,50 m, an obligatory retreat must be respected on
13. Accessibility to handicapped
- 0.50 m from the aisles
For the stand with floor higher than 2 cm, it is necessary to put an
- 1m from the adjoining partition.
acces for the handicapped persons. This access must have a
minimal width of 0.90m and a slope percentage inferior to 5%.